New Irrigation Cycle for the 2024 Water Run

July 5, 2024


Dinuba – On Friday, July 5th, Alta Irrigation District starts a new entitlement schedule. Over the course of a water run, the District adjusts the entitlement schedule to match the available supply. According to information from the Kings River Water Association (“KRWA”) and the California Department of Water Resources (“DWR”), Kings River runoff is anticipated to be in a “normal” range for this water year (October 1st to September 30th). Keeping with typical operations during a “normal” runoff condition, water allotments will be available to land with an entitlement category greater than or equal to 25%. Land with a 5% entitlement classification (aka “Groundwater Only”) will not receive an allotment for the remainder of this year’s water run. Below is the allotment schedule for the new 14-day irrigation cycle.

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