Alta Irrigation District invites growers and community members to visit its redesigned website. The website launched this month as part of the District’s multifaceted approach to expand communications to landowners and other stakeholders. The District’s retooled communications plan was initiated in 2017.


The new design and added features improve the overall navigation and usability of the site, enabling visitors to stay informed on recent news, find helpful resources, submit requests, and communicate with District staff. Another key feature of the redesigned website is its “mobile-friendliness” functionality that allows for improved access from a phone or tablet. Although information and resources were housed on the District’s previous website, users found it challenging to navigate and lacking functionality for effective communications.


The District website now includes:


·        New landowner tools to request a new encroachment, new turnout, maintenance, and gate installation

·        The ability for landowners to check balances due and water use

·        A news feed to keep visitors informed on water supply conditions, landowner announcements, and the District’s management activities

·        A sign-up form for the District’s email distribution list, so stakeholders never miss a beat on latest updates

·        Organized resources, including interactive District maps, reports, and hyperlinks to other helpful websites

·        Easy-to-find District staff contact information, and a comment form for general inquiries


If a landowner would like to view their balances due and water usage information, the website includes access to log in to their account. To obtain login information, landowners can call the District office at (559) 591-0800 or email


All new website features and resources were designed to ensure the growers served by the District can quickly and easily find the information and resources they need to continue doing what they do best – growing food and feeding the world. With over 129,000 acres served within the District, the Board and staff set out to ensure the user experience for landowners is a positive one.


For more information about Alta Irrigation District, and to visit the new website, visit