2023 Water Run Ends Today


November 8, 2023

2023 Water Run Ends Today

Dinuba, CA – Prolific winter storms in 2022-23 allowed Alta Irrigation District to have another record setting water run.  Alta Irrigation District will be ending water run today, which means water charges also end and staff will not be managing water orders.  Any water remaining in the ditches as the system ramps down is available on an “as is” basis until ditches dry up.  Over the next couple weeks ditchtenders will be removing and picking up trash/debris along canal banks within their areas.

This year’s bountiful snowpack allowed Alta Irrigation District once again to surpass both the 200-day threshold for water run duration and 250,000 acre-feet (AF) threshold for total headgate diversions.  Although final data is not available from the Kings River Water Association, preliminary information indicates that headgate diversions this water run will either end up being the second or third largest since 1955 – two of the top five headgate diversions have occurred since 2019.

Headgate duration during the 2017 water run did exceed the 200-day threshold but headgate diversions were about 3,000 AF short of the 250,000 AF threshold.  The 2017 water run duration was nearly 250 days long and the first time in nearly 40 years the District surpassed the 200-day threshold.