Alta Irrigation District

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Local Groundwater Assistance Program

The Alta Irrigation District is pursuing the construction of dedicated groundwater monitoring wells to develop a monitoring well network for the Cutler- Orosi area.  The District is responsible for the implementation of the Groundwater Management Plan that covers the District’s portion of the Kings River groundwater basin.

The groundwater in the Cutler-Orosi area experiences highly variable levels of nitrates and DBCP that frequently exceed drinking water regulatory standards.  Dedicated groundwater monitoring wells are needed to supplement the data available from municipal water wells in the area.

The proposed Project consists of site identification, access and land use negotiations and well design and construction.  The proposed project will facilitate the development of additional groundwater quality data available for consideration during the District’s groundwater management efforts.  This additional information will improve the ability of the District to assist local communities in monitoring and evaluating water quality issues in this portion of the Plan.

AID’s current Groundwater Management Plan.